Tuesday, April 07, 2009

That's right, it's time for a pillow fight!

On Saturday afternoon, the group known as the DC Defenestrators staged a pillow fight in Dupont Circle in front of the marble fountain. DCist had a short blurb about the "spontaneous" pillow fight that attracted nearly 100 participants! The fight lasted around half an hour and by the end you could see the exhaustion and sweat dripping from the mass of pillow fighters.

A friend of mine from school told me about the event, and although I didn't bring a pillow along to participate, I got some great shots of the event (some of which you can see here). Here's a photo of my friend right in the middle of the mass fight!

If you're interested in attending more events staged by the DC Defenestrators, I recommend checking out their site.

It turns out that DC wasn't the old city to have a pillow fight - Saturday, April 5th was World Pillow Fight Day!

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The Sassy Hen

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